Issue 8: From the Editor

One rarely gets to hang out with a toji. ‘Hang out’ as in sit there and drink sake slowly over a few hours with someone whose life is so tied to sake that he or she has no idea when technical references to their everyday brewing problems go right over the heads of we mortals. “It was a cool summer, so the rice was soft and the meter just jumped off the charts this year!” The what did what? Huh? I have spent enough time…

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What’s a night with Enter.Sake like? Enter music, dance, great sake and ample fun. World-renowned techno musician Richie Hawtin wrote about his love for music and sake in a recent edition of Sake Today, touching briefly on his Enter.Sake project. It is basically Hawtin’s curated collection of sake brands, a private-label portfolio which includes such breweries as Fujioka Shuzo, located in Kyoto’s famed Fushimi district. The sake are all specially brewed for the collection and, contrary to expectation, quite reasonably priced for the average consumer.…

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