Issue 11: From the Editor

“Onko-chishin.” 温故知新 What’s old is new. There may be other translations and interpretations of the expression, but this is the most succinct and it applies in spirit to the sake world. Things cycle. Brewers experiment with new ingredients and methods. While some of those new things do end up being positive contributions to the craft, or sometimes even revolutionize the industry, many are later abandoned for a return to the older ways of brewing. That return to what worked very well for a very long…

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The Beauty of Sake

According to a recent survey by IDA Ryogokudo Co., Ltd., a company that produces cosmetics and beauty products, a significant number of Japanese (at least those that took the survey) didn’t know that October 1st is Sake Day. Which raises several questions, including: why in the world is a cosmetics company doing a sake survey? The company is known for its Shikisai brand of skincare products. These products are infused with daiginjo rice and other components found in sake. Supposedly, they lend the skin a…

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